Rotate/flip video with ffmpeg

1. Flip video  vertically: ffmpeg -i INPUT -vf vflip -c:a copy OUTPUT 2. Flip video horizontally: ffmpeg -i INPUT -vf hflip -c:a copy OUTPUT 3. Rotate 90 degrees clockwise: ffmpeg -i INPUT -vf transpose=1 -c:a copy OUTPUT 4. Rotate 90

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Tesseract OCR gui fix + romanian language patch

On Fedora first make sure you have Tesseract OCR installed (and romanian langpack): sudo yum install tesseract tesseract-langpack-ron Download and extract tesseract-gui from Sourceforge (version 2.8 was latest at the time of this writting and the patch below applies to

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Converting bin/cue image to iso

In order to convert an bin/cue image to iso format (which can be easily mounted),¬†bchunk is your friend. You can install it in Fedora from standard repository using yum: sudo yum install bchunk To convert “foo” bin/cue pair image to

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Browse samba home dirs in Fedora 17

In order to browse shares in /home dir in Fedora 17, the following parameter must be enabled in selinux: sudo setsebool -P samba_enable_home_dirs on

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Finally working Nvidia Optimus in Fedora

Notes: This applies to Fedora 17 & 18 with latest updates and was tested on Asus K93SV laptop with GT540M GPU (wrongly reported as GT555M by lspci in F17). Now there is also an official page on Fedora wiki on

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Extracting pages from PDF files under Linux

If you need to extract some pages from a PDF file under Linux, you can easily do it with pdftk: pdftk A=infile.pdf cat ASP-EP output outfile.pdf where: infile is the input PDF file outfile is the output PDF file SP

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