Rotate/flip video with ffmpeg

1. Flip video  vertically:

ffmpeg -i INPUT -vf vflip -c:a copy OUTPUT

2. Flip video horizontally:

ffmpeg -i INPUT -vf hflip -c:a copy OUTPUT

3. Rotate 90 degrees clockwise:

ffmpeg -i INPUT -vf transpose=1 -c:a copy OUTPUT

4. Rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise:

ffmpeg -i INPUT -vf transpose=2 -c:a copy OUTPUT
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2 comments on “Rotate/flip video with ffmpeg
  1. imyjay says:

    Thank you! I’ve trawled the forums and the question gets answered in a dogs’ breakfast sort of way. However your answer is beautiful, simple and exact. Thank you.

  2. So simple, but so helpful. Thanks for publishing this!

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